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Come to Oak Island for your Beach Weddings, Reunions and Other Special Events!

Planning a big event? Consider holding it on Oak Island!

Picture yourself under the sparkling blue Carolina canopy, cotton-puff clouds dotting the horizon and warm tropical breezes nuzzling your bare shoulders. Smiling faces of family and friends gaze back at you, in awe that you found such a dream scene for this event! What a deliciously romantic idea for a wedding! What a fun place for reunions and business meetings with opportunities for mingling over a round of golf, or relaxing on a shopping trip, or competing during a daytrip fishing on the open ocean! As you grow accustomed to “island time,“ you and your friends and family are drawn more closely together by this unique experience, bound in lasting memories by ties of sun, fun, and limitless possibilities.

Can you make this happen? Yes, indeed! How can you plan the perfect wedding or the special gathering? Very easily … by contacting Oak Island Accommodations; that’s how!

OIA has the largest number of well maintained coastal and beach-front homes on this island, with so many options for the perfect site. Once you decide on “where,“ we can also help with “how.“ We have many leads in our area for those pesky, hard-to-find selections of details such as florists, caterers, and musicians.

From elegant Carolina coastal homes to the finer details you want for the casually elegant seaside weddings, receptions, reunions, annual office meetings, or any other special get-togethers, OIA wants to make your special event memorable!